RSM Metrics contains intelligence for RSM internal use. Only employees at RSM who have been granted access to the restricted pages of this dashboard wil be able to use the functionalities of this platform. Information and functionalities will only become visible after logging in using the ErAS authentication service. Click here to log in to this dashboard using ErAS.

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RSM Metrics is developed as a support platform for analysis and decisionmaking on RSM performances on rankings, benchmarks and other strategic intelligence challenges.

The dashboard contains 3 sections:

1: Rankings

This section contains the overview of results of Business School rankings as published like the Financial Times, Economist and others to be added. The dashboard covers the years starting from 2006 of most rankings.

2: Interactive benchmarks

This section contains a set of comparisons between Business Schools on topics, groups and even custom criteria. The following benchmarks are possible:

3: Methodology

The platform contains a special section where the methodology on normalization is explained. It contains information on:

Note on layout: For convenience of the user of this platform, RSM ranking positions are presented in dark blue in all the graphics.


For issues or ideas for new functionalities, please contact Wilfred Mijnhardt:

This website contains an efficient web service to create (a set of) custom reports visualisations and webpresentations. In this way any user of this service is able to produce a special report for your convenience.

For example: You may want to select a specific ranking, or get an overview of the methodology. After you have selected the specific pages please select 'Update' for a web presentation of the selection.
If you want to print the selected report, please choose 'Print'. If you want to print the complete website, please choose 'Select all'.
By selecting 'Start presentation' a web based full screen presentation on the ERIM dashboard will start in your browser.

Please note that any selection of reports / visualisations also creates a special (and stable) web-url, this url can be bookmarked for later re-use or shared with your peers. In this way any user of this service is able to produce a special report on the performance of RSM for your convenience.

The following table shows statistics of the current contents of the RSM Metrics ranking database.